AC Fitness


AC Fitness helps members lead a healthier lifestyle. From cardio to muscle maintenance, Raquetball courts and state of the art Indoor Golf Studios, we have you covered.


For over two decades, AC Fitness has been known as featuring the fastest racquetball courts in northeast Pennsylvania. Both of our courts feature standard dimensions, wood flooring, and game markings. AC Fitness has been proud to sponsor several state and regional tournaments over the years. The club has also been the home to some of northeast Pennsylvania’s top amateur players. Members of all skill and age levels participate including A, B, and C players. In 2010, all court lighting was upgraded to make the courts brighter and more energy efficient.

AC Fitness features two Indoor Golf Studios. Each studio includes the Trackman 4 simulator. Golfers gain access to new Courses, Mini Games, Skills Combines, and Training Aids. Players may improve their game by practicing on the range or play with their friends on up to fifteen notable courses around the world. Each studio also includes a lounge and a flat panel television. For more information on Trackman 4 and our Indoor Golf facilities, visit the Blue Ridge Trail Golf Academy Website.


AC Fitness features many different types of cardiovascular equipment including LifeFitness treadmills, Precor elliptical machines, Stairmaster Climbing Systems, and stationary bikes. All cardio equipment is conveniently located on the first floor of the club. The cardio area features a flat screen television for entertainment.

The free weight room is located in its own studio giving members an organized and private setting. The free weight room includes dumbbells, bench presses, incline presses, leg presses, squat racks, an overhead pull machine, a curl bench, and a leg press. Mirrors surround the entire room.

AC Fitness features a full line of expertly maintained Nautilus equipment. Members use this equipment to isolate and target specific muscle groups. The club features over fifteen pieces of equipment.

Each locker room provides an ample amount of lockers, bathrooms, and showers. Shampoo and body wash is provided free of charge. Each locker room also includes a scale.

The club features a steam room near the men’s and women’s locker room. A new steam generator was installed in 2008.

The club features two electric stove saunas. There is a sauna for men and women, each located in the locker rooms. Each sauna features traditional cedar wood.